Terry turns 50 in Capannole, Tuscany

July 2003
Red red wine...


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*Send your 20-50 favorite digital pictures to Andreas

*If you have digital text files, short movies (like Terry doing a wild dance) or audio files (mp3s) like Matthias rapping, then send it also to Andreas

you can

  • burn it on a cd and use snail mail
  • put it on your website and send Andreas the link
  • send it by e-mail, but only if the total size is smaller than 1 MB

Andreas Schiedermeier
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*Send your 5-10 favourite paper prints to Jörg

*If you have lyrics (like a poem or so) too long to type, also send it by mail to Jörg

Jörg Umpfenbach
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+49 179 534 22 64

he will scan them in and send them to Andreas

Bernhard, Andreas and Jörg

Give us content to fill the website!